What Happened to the Texas Debate About Utilities Using Battery Storage?

Texas PUC decision about utilities using battery storage is on hold as lawmakers, general public provide their insight about the benefits and drawbacks of the decision.
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Four States Account for More Than Half of U.S. Wind Electricity Generation

In the United States, producers generated 275 million megawatthours (MWh) of electricity…

Natural Gas Consumption Projected to Spike During Summer as ERCOT Reserves Drop

Natural gas consumption is up as Americans power their homes during the summer, a trend TEPA says can continue by keeping rig counts high enough to meet future demand.

TCAP: Price Gap Between Deregulated and Non-Deregulated Prices Inside Texas Nearly Gone

Findings suggest that the state’s 17-year-old deregulated retail electricity market is delivering some of its best results so far for residential consumers.

Texas House Passes Energy Broker Bill, Has TEPA Support

TEPA director says group is “pleased with the final version” of SB 1497.