Continuing a Legacy: Rhett Shumway Combines Insatiable Drive and Strong Influences to Succeed in the Energy Industry


“Insatiable” might just be the perfect word to describe Rhett Shumway, CEO and a partner at retail energy supplier nTherm. Despite having been listed in the Denver Business Journal‘s Who’s Who of Energy for 2017-2018, having been involved in the founding of not one but two energy businesses, and earning a spot on the “Wholesale Meets Retail” panel at the upcoming Tenth Semi-Annual Energy Marketing Conference, Shumway has his eyes on even bigger accomplishments.

“There is always a higher mountain to climb and bigger battle to win and new places to explore,” he says. He intends to keep climbing, expanding his already impressive knowledge of both wholesale and retail energy supply, as well as expanding nTherm’s customer-focused, quality-driven reach within the energy industry.

Within just the next year, he hopes to execute two to three new acquisitions, while expanding organically the company’s service area and influence in order to continue providing high-quality energy solutions to customers.

But, despite his ambition and drive, Shumway maintains a humble outlook that acknowledges the incredible legacy he has the opportunity to build upon and honors the mentors and influences who have helped him on his climb up through the energy industry.

Perhaps one of the most influential of these individuals is his grandfather, Charlie Shumway, whom Shumway describes as “a businessman and entrepreneur of the highest quality who was well respected and had incredible personal charisma. I always hoped that someday I would be able to carry on his legacy. I hope that somewhere out there, he is proud.”

But, Shumway is quick to acknowledge, his personal and professional growth have also been influenced by an array of individuals, from business partner David Vastine to mentor Jim Burke and the High Roller Group.

“No one walks through the door on their own, someone is always holding it for you,” he says.

Maybe that is why his customers have benefited so much from his deep knowledge of both wholesale and retail energy supply: He, and nTherm, provide them with the open door they need to continue thriving with affordable, high-quality energy solutions.


About nTherm

Retail energy supplier nTherm possesses a combined more than 90 years of experience in the natural gas business and leverages that experience to provide high-quality, customer-focused energy solutions. Known for a strong ethic of honesty and integrity as well as deep experience, the company strives to save clients as much money as possible on their energy needs. Learn more about nTherm.


Shumway’s Participation in the Tenth Semi-Annual Energy Marketing Conference

Rhett Shumway served as a panelist in the Tenth Semi-Annual Energy Marketing Conference, which took place on October 11, 2018, at the New York Hilton Midtown. Shumway was part of Panel #2, titled ”WHOLESALE MEETS RETAIL,” sponsored by Feller Law Group and Energy Affairs Group. The panel was moderated by Natara Feller and Energy Affairs Group. Other participants of this panel included renowned retail energy industry players such as Joel Glassman (Discount Power), Christian McArthur (Crius Energy), Kumar Parameswaran (Hansen CX), Gabe Phillips (GP Energy Management), Brian Beebe (Swiss Re), and Steven Tyburski (Citigroup).

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