BOSTON, March 12, 2019 — It’s easy to see the immense benefits that technology has brought to business.  Across all kinds of industries of all sizes, companies are leveraging instant access to immense amounts of information in order to communicate, streamline processes, dial in on target markets, and scale their influence to grow profits.  TrueLight Energy, a leading data analytics and consulting firm in the energy industry, is bringing these much needed advantages through its new retail energy pricing web portal.

“The nature of the energy industry has resulted in a little bit of a technological lag. However, the irony is that this is one of the industries that need technology the most.  All the moving parts that effect energy pricing across US markets can really murk up the water.  As a result, we often see retail suppliers either a.) Not making smart business decisions due to a lack of insight on what the market is currently doing, or b.) Getting bogged down by trying to internally capture shifts happening across US markets.  Both result in missed opportunities and profits.” Says Elliott Chorn, the firm’s VP of Operations.

That’s why the firm has spent the past year developing an interactive platform that allows retail energy providers to instantly access vetted retail pricing engines in all deregulated markets for accurate pricing consistent with the latest market movements.  On top of that, REPs can also log and track all ongoing deals to drive profits and increase operational transparency.

“It’s time to ditch the clutter, confusion, and endless excel spreadsheets.  There’s a much better way to operate,” Elliott remarked.

TrueLight will be releasing the ‘first-of-its-kind’ REP pricing portal for summer of 2019.  Please contact TrueLight Energy for more on this much anticipated platform.

About TrueLight Energy

TrueLight Energy is an energy data analytics and execution firm operating out of Boston, MA and providing services in all deregulated energy markets. The firm provides expert data analytics and strategic market intelligence for energy providers, marketers, developers, and end users alike. TrueLight has developed retail energy tools and data, clean energy analytics, and wholesale market access services to increase market efficiency, transparency, and accelerate growth toward a dramatically better electric energy future.

Source: TrueLight Energy
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