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Scoville Risk Partners


101 Carnegie Center, Suite 100, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA

Company Overview

Scoville Risk Partners specializes in valuation, risk management and portfolio analytics in the energy and commodities sectors. We utilize our analytical and commercial experience to provide a full range of outsourced risk analytics solutions and advisory services. Our proprietary analytics and technology solutions provide clients with efficient and accurate analysis of complex portfolios across a broad range of financial and physical assets. Our platform is available as a subscription service, providing the analytical support required for daily commercial operations of a commodities trading shop, as well as a tactical solution for one-off projects. Scoville also provides a full range of advisory services. Our combination of quantitative skills and trading experience puts us in a unique position to assist clients in asset acquisitions, enterprise valuation and transaction structuring. Scoville’s existing client base includes investment banks and utilities, private equity firms, independent generation owners and retail energy suppliers.