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Company Overview

Customer Retention is the #1 problem in the competitive retail energy business.  Retail Energy Providers get and keep customers with greencents.

greencents’ customer engagement program is the best way to acquire and retain customers.  The platform provides multiple touchpoints to help customer become more energy efficient, lower energy usage and build their relationship with the energy service provider.   Customers are interested in energy-efficiency to lower usage and help the environment.   greencents – gets you there!

The energy-efficiency engagement model is branded for REPs to give them a much more effective sales pitch and increase customer retention.   greencents also help lower acquisition costs and raise revenue by attracting and keeping more valuable customers.

The greencents team works close with your sales and marketing departments to put together a customized, green energy-efficiency campaign that works great in Sales and Customer Service.   You can save and winback more customers with greencents.  

Call us today to start saving and keeping more customers.