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Company Overview

RPAC is an advisory and consulting firm specializing in several areas of energy management. RPAC serves the interests of its clients and relies on quality client service for its ongoing business. Our client list includes some of the most visible and high profile names in the business and cultural worlds.

Our Mission

RPAC works tirelessly to ensure that our clients achieve their energy management goals. Our world class energy management and consulting services are founded upon our commitment to 1) hiring and training the best energy analysts in the business, 2) acquiring and utilizing the most accurate and timely market information, and 3) innovating new management strategies and technologies. RPAC assists clients to mitigate financial and market risk, achieve budgetary and sustainability objectives and reduce total energy spend.”

Our History

RPAC was formed in 2000, with it’s primary objective to capitalize on opportunities in the deregulated electric and natural gas markets. With its key executives having over 80 years combined experience in the power industry, and established relationships with other leading energy professionals and major power marketers, RPAC is poised to provide the flexibility necessary to customize solutions that best serve our client’s individual needs and preferences for energy commodities and services.

With its rich back ground in the energy services industry, RPAC works with its clients to provide unique and comprehensive alternatives for purchasing, monitoring and evaluating energy strategies. In the openly competitive markets, RPAC can provide products that deliver risk mitigation, price certainty, rewards from savings and knowledge based purchasing strategies.

RPAC also provides consulting services on sustainability issues, Demand Response Programs, metering and tenant billing systems.

Our Team

RPAC is a team of professionals whose backgrounds span the Power and IT industries. Senior management is comprised of individuals with outstanding and extensive backgrounds in electricity, natural gas, information technology, and market analysis. Whether developing an energy management strategy or providing guidance on integrating on-site power generation, our clients are consistently receiving fresh, unique and innovative approaches to market solutions. As our tag line states, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and by bringing the RPAC team into your operation, you will not only bring in experienced professionals, but a wealth of knowledge.

Open access to RPAC personnel and expertise ensures that clients are receiving accurate and timely market advice and leadership. Click below to learn more about our staff.

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  • Tech Solutions
  • Advisory Services
  • Risk Analyst
  • Aggregator
  • Energy Broker
  • Consulting

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