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Company Overview

The idea for a comparison engine was born when Dutch founders and managing directors Hans de Kok and Niels Brölman met in South Africa. Two young entrepreneurs with a clear mission to empower consumers everywhere by giving them easy online tools to compare and switch their energy, insurance and telecom contracts. Not long after, Pricewise was launched in 2006. What began as an innovative start-up and comparison engine with a team of brilliant minds quickly grew out to become a real industry challenger. With Amsterdam as the location of our headquarters. With the subsequent introduction of collective energy campaigns since 2010 a pan-European company was established. We teamed up with partners such as governments, media companies, national consumer and non-profit organisations, causing major breakthroughs in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Italy and Austria. The result: strongly increased levels of transparency, efficiency and competition. And over 2 million switches. Our strategy for the future is focused on extending our existing markets and entering new countries to set up collective campaigns. Because even today the majority of consumers are still sleeping when it comes to their energy supplier, insurance company or telecom provider. Until we have woken up every consumer, we will continue our mission to empower people to benefit from the best product, for a fair price.