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120 S. State Street, 10th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60603, US
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Company Overview

Don’t make the costly mistake of not knowing energy regulations or utility requirements as you expand your business into new jurisdictions. We navigate complex energy regulations and utility tariffs to identify opportunities, solutions and critical areas of risk in the ever evolving energy landscape.

  • Provide expert resources cost effectively
  • Develop and execute comprehensive government affairs strategies
  • Implement regulatory change for clients and the state and federal level
  • Engage with company executives ensuring alignment of legislative and regulatory advocacy strategies with business needs For more than 20 years, we have been agents for change in the regulated and deregulated energy and telecommunication industries. We have been policy innovators and implementers advocating on behalf of companies as well as governments and non-profit organizations. We have a proven track record of implementing regulatory change for our clients at the state and federal level.

For our clients: We provide comprehensive state specific compliance audits, training decks, enrollment guidelines, reporting requirement charts and calendars and so much more.


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