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Born and raised in Canada, Jeff Levin began his career in the energy industry by working in lighting for Siemens. In early 2000, however, he switched to the energy retail industry because he wanted to take his understanding of and passion for energy customers and use it to improve the supply side of the energy industry.
After his work day is done, you might catch Levin indulging in his lifelong passion of equestrian riding or recreationally chasing down a hockey puck in the rink with his team members. When he is working in his role as Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience at Great Eastern Energy (GEE), you will find him applying that same energy and passion to another lifelong focus: Serving customers with superior, affordable, and alternative energy solutions.
Since Levin became involved in energy more than 20 years ago, he has seen an evolution within the industry. Through the years, retail energy competition has grown, while profit margins have decreased, and he sees data and smart technology as up and coming drivers within the industry.
For Levin, however, some things never change: The need for customer-centric services and unflinching honesty and integrity in an ever-changing industry.

“Honesty and integrity always pay off at the end of the day,” he is quick to say, and he, and GEE, live out that mantra in the products and services they offer their long-standing customers.

To that end, Levin has built a legacy of customer-facing, value-added solutions for energy customers. He currently uses his well-rounded background in every aspect of his professional career. His team-building skills and experience in customer acquisition and product development have created long-term solutions for customers that improve their bottom line and make accessing affordable and alternative energy solutions easier.
Levin hopes to be known in the industry as someone who provided individuals and businesses with real energy solutions that go beyond just a commodity. Long-term, he hopes that his work will have an impact that benefits not only consumers but the industry as a whole.

“Over the next 5-12 years, it is Great Eastern Energy’s will to empower people to change their relationship with energy to build a better future for generations to come,” he says.

Today, he takes that passion and experience and uses it to live out GEE’s vision by improving the lives and experiences of the company’s energy clients. Whether they be individuals looking for an alternative source of energy for their homes, or businesses looking to cut energy costs without cutting efficiency, these clients benefit from Levin’s honest and experienced services. One client at a time, Levin is one of the forces shaping the energy industry for the better and helping it thrive.

About Great Eastern Energy

Great Eastern Energy is a leading supplier of electricity, natural gas and renewable energy in the Northeast. Founded in 1996, they remain one of the longest standing alternative energy companies in the region. Their full-service energy solutions help businesses and property owners thrive by managing their energy costs and increasing their bottom-line. Their mission is to empower people with the knowledge necessary to make better energy decisions. They are at the forefront of the sustainability movement and are focused on promoting positive energy behaviors and reducing consumption. Learn more about GEE

Levin’s Participation in the Tenth Semi-Annual Energy Marketing Conference

Jeff Levin served as a panelist in the Tenth Semi-Annual Energy Marketing Conference, which took place on October 11, 2018, at the New York Hilton Midtown. Levin was part of Panel #4, titled ”LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIPS: REPS AND BROKERS,” sponsored by Enerconnex and moderated by Tony Barnhart. Other participants of this panel included renowned retail energy industry players such as Kenny Antos (Apollo Edison), Andrew Barth (CSD Energy Advisors), Michael Drago (PSEG), Sean Kelly (Amperon Energy), Brian Rischmann (UGI Energy Services) and Elliot Rockoff (Freepoint Solutions).

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