When operating a retail energy supply company, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of visibility and access to qualified vendors or consultants that are available in the marketplace – until now.

You have likely encountered frustration at some point trying to source the right vendor or consultant needed to drive a specific part of your business  You are not alone. The growing trend of energy deregulation has sparked a robust market for businesses – you are part of a community that generates revenues of over $100 billion annually. The energy industry is changing and margins are thinning, calling for a greater need in operational efficiency and the ability to easily access  important resources to stay ahead of the curve. Along with greater customer choice for consumers, energy suppliers that drive the success of deregulated markets need access to more choices and information for the viability and profitability of their business.
Energypages.com is the first online directory and resource guide created specifically for the retail energy industry; bringing energy suppliers more choices in vendor services to support and grow every aspect of their business.
Energypages.com has bridged, what was a significant gap, when it comes to available choices and resources to help  both retail energy suppliers and vendors in the industry. To be successful and drive both innovation and healthy competition, these businesses needed a centralized  directory to access and learn about relevant products and services offered throughout the industry.
Let’s say that you are an energy supplier or you are a vendor providing dedicated customer service or technology solutions specific to the retail energy industry. How do you find one another and mutually grow your businesses? Chances are  you had to ask around, perhaps do exhaustive internet searches, or deal with cold calling,and out-of date contact information. All of this takes time away from your business and ultimately your ability to grow your bottom line. Instead of spending hours scouring Google, LinkedIn, and your business contacts, energypages.com provides you with the first online directory and resource guide for the retail energy industry that you can access 24/7.
Like any  vibrant community, energypages.com advocates the participation and interaction of its members to help the industry thrive. From operational support and risk management to software solutions and fulfillment services, energypages.com provides the option to research  a variety of categorized resources that will help members manage and grow each aspect of their businesses.
Membership is open to all businesses who operate within the retail energy industry. We offer several  membership packages ranging from free searchable listings to more robust membership packages including enhanced search ranking, social media links, ability to include audio and visual content, job postings, article publication, access to exclusive content and more!
Search for your listing, browse other listings, or join today to showcase your products and services.  Begin connecting with other companies in the industry today! Visit energypages.com to learn more.

At GP Energy Management, our portfolio managers and analysts help our clients operate on a level playing field with their competitors. We work with you to define your commodity risk and approach the market on your behalf to shut that risk down and manage all of the workflow thereafter. We do this with an absence of conflicts of interest, no proprietary trading positions and complete transparency delivered in a variety of ways including our cloud-based “Dashboard.” GP Energy Management, a Genscape company, was founded in 2010 in order to help demystify the complex physical and financial energy commodity markets for...

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