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Moixa, an energy technology company that manufactures smart solar batteries and energy supplier Energia, have announced a partnership to demonstrate how smart home batteries, rooftop solar and electric vehicles (EVs) can deliver valuable flexibility to the grid.

The innovative partnership will include a flagship project to create a 120 kWh virtual power plant comprised of Moixa Smart Batteries and EV chargepoints. This network will support the development of a smart energy system in Ireland by aggregating home and vehicle batteries to provide frequency-related grid services to Eirgrid, the Irish transmission system operator (TSO).

Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa said, “This partnership puts Ireland at the vanguard of the digital energy revolution – delivering a cost-effective, innovative and reliable power system and acting as a blueprint for others across the world.”

In July, Energia announced a €3B ($3.3B) investment in Irish renewable infrastructure over the next five years, adding as much as 1.5 GW of renewable generation to the grid. Moixa’s partnership with Energia will support this shift to a new smart renewable energy system in Ireland and demonstrate how intelligently managed storage technologies can support the transition.

Moixa’s GridShare software will embed artificial intelligence into the batteries, enabling the fleet of assets to react to various signals, such as pricing or constraints, and providing valuable grid services to Eirgrid. Moixa developed GridShare over a series of pioneering projects in the UK, including the £10.8M ($14M) Smart Energy Islands project, led by Hitachi. Moixa is providing software that enables EVs and smart home batteries to balance supply and demand within a comprehensive smart energy system.

Energia customers participating in the pilot project will receive a 4.8 kWh Moixa Smart Battery and a rooftop solar system for a reduced cost of approximately €7,400 ($8,232). They will also be able to claim back €2,400 ($2,700) from SEAI grant funding, making the technology 50 percent cheaper overall.

Once installed, the solar and storage systems will enable Energia’s customers to save up to 50 percent off their energy bills. Participants will also be offered an optional EV charge point.

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