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Iron Mountain Incorporated, a global leader in storage and information management services, announced today that Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse, along with The Boeing Company and Boston Medical Center, have joined the Early Adopter program for its Green Power Pass (GPP).

Iron Mountain touts GPP as “a first-of-its-kind solution in the data center industry for organizations seeking a transparent, industry-endorsed accounting process.” That process, company officials say,  validates that 100 percent of the power used at Iron Mountain data centers is from qualifying renewable resources.

These new companies, along with GPP launch partners Akamai Technologies and Arizona State University, were recognized at the Sustainable Brands Conference in Detroit on June 6.

According to Iron Mountain, the use of third-party data centers can represent a significant percentage of an organization’s overall environmental footprint.

“Green Power Pass is the first solution of its kind in the data center industry to offer colocation customers of any size the benefits of renewable energy procured by the data center owner. It provides customers with a standardized tool to meet their carbon reduction, green power and sustainability goals such as RE100, Science Based Carbon Targets, and CDP reporting.”Says company spokesman Christian T. Potts.

According to company officials, Iron Mountain’s solution is built on an “open source” protocol introduced last year by an NGO/industry collaboration called the Future of Internet Power. The effort was organized by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and supported by The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA).

According to Potts, customers can rely on a transparent, industry-endorsed accounting process “validating that 100 percent of the power they use at Iron Mountain is from qualifying renewable resources.” He added that customers receive an annual, audited certificate of attestation with full documentation on the source and industry-endorsed in-of-custody of the wind, solar or other renewable electricity associated with each facility. Iron Mountain also announced that GPP is available to all colocation customers at every Iron Mountain data center across the globe.

“Iron Mountain’s Green Power Pass is an exciting breakthrough for the data center industry, and a wonderful demonstration of the power of collaboration between industry and NGOs,” said Miranda Ballentine CEO, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance. “By being the first solution to come to market that uses the Future of Internet Power’s Requirements for Supplier-Procured Renewable Energy, Iron Mountain is showing the way for data center customers to easily access the benefits of green electricity.

“Now all colocation and cloud customers of any size can be part of the movement to increase demand and help realize the goal of an internet powered by 100 percent renewable energy,” Ballentine added.

Beth Schryer, vice president of Boeing Facilities & Asset Management, said the GPP agreement  will offset the same amount of electricity that 4,100 homes would use in a year, “with clean, renewable energy.”

“Becoming an early adopter of carbon emission reduction initiatives will help Boeing progress toward our 2025 environmental goals and help our efforts to reduce 25 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions at our work sites,” Schryer said.

Mark Kidd, executive vice president, and general manager, Iron Mountain Data Centers, said that as the data center business has grown, “we recognized early on the importance of being able to measure and report on our energy usage and climate impacts.”

“From those learnings, we realized that we had an opportunity to help our customers apply the same level of insight and benefit from the advantages of renewable energy sourcing for their own measurement and reporting,” Kidd said.

“And, because we developed Green Power Pass on industry standards, our customers can be assured that they have a credible, reliable and fully transparent resource that meets their own standards for reporting and renewable energy in their data center operations.” he added.

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