EC Infosystems’ User-Focused Values on Display at Annual Conference

Imagine a place where clients could have a say in the changes a company implemented, a place where their ideas had a real impact on how a business moved forward. That place is at EC Infosystems’ (ECI’s) annual conference, the second of which will be held on September 12-14, 2018 at the Marriott Plaza San Antonio.

While the annual user conference is relatively new, innovation is not. For more than 20 years, the company has been delivering superior, groundbreaking EDI and CIS products and services within the deregulated energy industry. Through ECI’s leadership, advances such as complex billing, a business intelligence dashboard, and a commitment to developing technology that allows clients to navigate ever-changing regulatory requirements have become standard and valued aspects of the services ECI offers its users.

If you ask ECI, they will tell you that one of the secrets to their long-term success has been their commitment to what they call “instruction, collaboration, and community” that they intentionally foster with their clients. By welcoming users into an active community where their voice is heard and their needs are met, ECI has developed an environment where innovation thrives.

“Our clients are the reason we do what we do,” says President and CEO Mohan Wanchoo. “We want them to be a part of our community because their voice helps us to see where changes are needed in the industry and where we can serve them better. It is out of those needs that our greatest service improvements have occurred.”

Now, ECI is directly providing these same values to their users through a groundbreaking annual conference that focuses on client input and education. Why has the time come for ECI to embrace an annual user conference to strengthen its user community and provide training and collaboration? Because continuing to offer cutting edge solutions for customers is ECI’s top priority.

This year’s conference, located in San Antonio, TX, is designed to expand upon the success of last year’s inaugural event. Not only will the conference provide keynote speakers, expert panels, and engagement with topics such as system and market education, the evolution of energy deregulation, and efficiency and marketing strategies, but it will also give attendees the opportunity to help the company shape the roadmap for the future.

In particular, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss new products they are offering, discuss how new rules and regulatory changes are affecting them, and learn about new developments that ECI is implementing, both as a result of client input last year and ECI’s recognition of changing technologies and needs in the industry.

“We want to show conference attendees the exciting new changes that are occurring because of their input last year,” says Ananda Goswami, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “And more than that, we want to continue providing the kind of education clients need to succeed in the industry and continue to hear back from them about their ongoing challenges and needs so we can make sure that in the next year we continue to provide products and services that meet clients’ need right where they are.”

And, in keeping with this year’s conference theme of evolution, energy, and efficiency, ECI will award one lucky conference attendee with a new Model 3 Tesla. This leading edge car embodies the energy industry’s commitment to renewable energy and ECI’s dedication to forward-thinking technologies and services for its clients.

EC Infosystems: 20 years of experience

As the leading provider of EDI and CIS services within the deregulated energy industry, ECI has a lot to be proud of. Innovative products that make electronic data interchange and customer information services transparent and seamless define the company’s tangible offerings to its clients.

And with more than 20 years of experience in the field, ECI has the experience to continue pioneering the most useful, advanced, and integrative approaches to managing data and transactions within the deregulated energy market.Now, the business wants its users to join it on the leading edge of an ever-evolving industry. With complimentary registration to its current users, and a full agenda of “instruction, collaboration, and community,” ECI’s user conference offers a rare opportunity for users to delve deeper into the deregulated market world and have a hand in improving that world for themselves and those who come after them.

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