Holly Paulus, CEO and founder of the Nexxa Group, treasures the quote from SVP Google that says, “Data is the sword of the 21st century; those who wield it well are the Samurai.” She also lives this quote in her professional life as a self-professed data nerd who has leveraged data and data solutions to create customized solutions for the energy industry for more than 20 years.

Paulus first entered the energy industry more than 20 years ago, because it is what she describes as “economic proof. Everyone turns the lights on.” Since then she has transformed the industry by founding the Nexxa Group, a data-driven marketing solutions business focused exclusively on meeting the energy industry’s unique marketing needs.

Since establishing the Nexxa Group 15 years ago, Paulus has established herself, and Nexxa, as experts in data-driven energy solutions. More than that, she takes pride in the fact that Nexxa focuses on solutions tailored to each client’s individual needs, rather than being subject to the demands of vendors and particular products.

“We provide what our clients need without any vendor strings attached, always working in the best interest of the client,” she says. “There is a huge advantage to not being tied to one data source, and Nexxa understands why based on our expert knowledge of data and sources.”

Working in the best interest of the client means, for Paulus, having a clear grasp of the unique challenges and needs of the energy industry and of each client within that industry. It is a strength of Nexxa, and a pain point associated with working with big-name marketing businesses and credit bureaus. Over the years, Paulus says she has had to prove that Nexxa offered tailored solutions that were superior because they did not come from a big name brand that didn’t necessarily understand the ins and outs of the energy industry.

“The bottom line was that these companies [big name brands] don’t understand, and still don’t today from what I can tell talking to my customers, the unique marketing challenges that energy marketers face,” Paulus says. “They were simply going to them because they were recognized names. I can go to them [energy providers] and say Nexxa is now proven. Our time tested results across the industry and forward thinking solutions and scientific results put energy suppliers ahead in those markets.”

One of the first of these forward thinking solutions that Paulus provided through Nexxa was the Nexxa Utility Boundary. This solution allowed clients to quickly identify utility geography boundaries for their marketing programs instead of utilizing a previously hours-long, labor intensive process.

More recently, Nexxa has provided a data-driven solution for energy providers who struggled to remain in compliance with regulations when they used call centers as part of their marketing efforts. Paulus’ compliance channel partner program now allows clients, and secondarily, call centers, to avoid legal issues by offering support, training and resources to assure compliance. The program removes the guesswork, or, as Paulus referred to it, “the handshake and head nod” that had previously cost energy providers significant legal fees, fines, and issues when they inadvertently failed to remain in compliance.

Today, Nexxa is one of the leading direct marketers for the energy industry, but Paulus still takes pride in the company’s ability to deliver that vendor-neutral, client-focused expertise for energy providers.

“Nexxa is a big name now,” she says. But we are a little shop with a big name.”

Paulus has no plans to stop her innovative, data-driven approach to marketing solutions for the energy industry. In fact, recent regulation changes have inspired her to create new solutions. One of the most recent is Nexxa ID Lead Management, developed to help energy providers avoid fraud by identifying invalid enrollments.

“Nexxa works with both the TPV agent and the REP to define requirements for lead inputs for a closed loop verification that reduces the risk of payouts to vendors on invalid enrollments, saving thousands of dollars on the front end,” she says.

As regulations and changes shift within the energy industry, energy providers continue to have an ally in Nexxa. With a commitment to digging deep into each client’s particular needs in order to identify problems and develop data-driven solutions, Paulus looks forward to continuing to change the energy industry with meaningful products and services.

“I am working fast and furious to develop solutions to stay ahead of the curve,” Paulus says.

About the Nexxa Group

Nexxa provides energy marketers with cutting edge, data-driven marketing solutions to drive customer acquisition, retention, and growth. Nexxa has also been uncovering challenges in operations and database efficiencies and creating robust solutions for the entire enterprise.

Frank is the Founder & Publisher of Energy Pages. He establishes the direction and tone for the publication. Frank has been involved in the retail energy industry for over twelve years with a particular focus on marketing energy supply. He has a passion for helping others through challenges and connecting with people. Born and raised in New York City, Frank currently resides in Stamford, CT, where he spends his spare time coaching entrepreneurs and continuing education.

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