RMI Forecasts Battery Tech Investments Will Revolutionize Energy Solutions

$150B in Manufacturing Investment to Drive Down Costs.

Ford Announces Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Network in North America

Every Ford EV owner will get two years of free charging.

Utilities Facing Increased Cyberattacks

56% of utility professionals surveyed report at least one attack in the past 12 months involving either an outage or loss of private information.

DOE Research Labs, Georgia Tech Announce Innovative Artificial Intelligence Center

A new cross-research center was announced, funded with an initial $5.5 Million…

Bloom Energy Partnership with Samsung Heavy Industries

Bloom exploring cargo ship applications of fuel cells to improve its portfolio performance.

Tesla Acquires Startup DeepScale, Aimed at Improving Deep Neural Nets for Self-Driving Cars

As the auto industry races to develop robust and affordable self-driving systems…

Public-Private EV Partnership Model Tested in Massachusetts

A collaboration between a transportation startup (NJ-based Greenspot), utility Eversource, and two…

Oil Companies Square Off Against EV Initiatives

As clean-energy goals sweep the country, electric vehicles are facing increased pressure from oil and gas groups intent on protection of gas-powered vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Programs Becoming Popular in New England

Vermont and Maine are rolling out programs that encourage residents to buy electric vehicles, including the construction of charging stations.