Bull or Bear? Wholesale Nat Gas Prices Offer an Opportunity

Reliable Alternative Power Inc.’s Vice President of Operations Mark Kleinginna shares his thoughts about how to handle the natural gas market’s bearish trends.

Analysis: NYISO’s Year-on-Year Forward Pricing for Summer 2019

Analyst says New York forward pricing data indicates those who buy summer power early can avoid upward revisions.

Luthin Associates Joins Forces with Energy Industry Innovator, 5

IRVING, Texas – Expanding its presence in the Northeastern United States, energy…

PJM Has Drastically Reduced Forced Outages

Data indicates PJM is significantly more adept at reducing outages during cold-weather events than they were five years ago.

Pricing Energy in Extreme Weather Conditions

Be strategic about how you account for severe weather as you formulate volume and pricing contracts

TrueLight Energy Making Waves with Forecasted Energy Data Services

Data Analytics and Consulting Firm Has Developed New Forecasted Price to Compare and Headroom Services

A Tale of Three Winters

As always, the EIA offers us an interesting set of data that tells us a story both about how markets work, and what can happen if resources are allocated properly.

Report: New Yorkers Saved $30.9 Billion Over Past 10 Years Thanks to Lower-Priced Natural Gas

ALBANY, N.Y. — Thanks to increased production of cleaner-burning natural gas and…