Renewables Stakeholders for CAISO to Expand Hybrid Energy Supply Options

Current regulations limit supply contributions of hybrid energy sources like gas-battery, wind-solar and more.

Michigan Solar Producers to Profit from Consumers Energy Settlement

The year-long battle stems from solar producers’ dissatisfaction with PURPA regulations mandating a cost-based pricing for public utilities.

Study Says Renewables, EVs Are Gaining on Oil

New study from BNP Paribas concludes oil industry faces a serious threat from the rise of renewables and electric vehicles.

Global Apparel Retailer Signs Largest Green Deal with Enel

Gap Inc.’s 90 MW Contract with Enel Green Power is One of the World’s Largest Renewable Energy Agreements by a Clothing Company.

NRG Energy CEO Skeptical of Renewables Supply Projections in Texas

He says ERCOT’s long-term view, which is dependent on wind and solar project completions, may not be as certain as the council believes.

Posh Tesla Resort Downunder Showcases Renewable Energy’s Future

Australian vacation properties with Tesla Powerwall home batteries offer glimpses of potential U.S. home generation and storage over the next 50 years.

Wind Leaves Coal in Its Dust in Texas, Says ERCOT

Growth of wind power in the Lone Star State is a sign of the times as a deregulated market continues to find ways to meet customers’ needs for green energy.

Wind Industry Says Ohio’s Proposed Turbine ‘Incident’ Reporting Rules Are Too Vague

A state board that approves wind farm siting is also considering new requirements related to building codes.

Research Focuses on Capturing and Converting Waste Heat to Boost Solar Output

Houston researchers are working to convert waste heat into light, then into electricity, a method that could lead to greater efficiency in solar panels and other applications.