CCAs Propose Taking Over PG&E’s Retail Business

Seven community choice aggregators have asked California regulators to take PG&E out of the business of supplying electricity to its customers

Blumenthal, Katz Calling to End Consumer Choice in CT

State officials and some consumer groups are calling for an end to the third-party residential electric market in Connecticut

California Utility Commission Head Grilled at Capitol

Critics say public utilities commission needs to respond faster

Regulatory Veterans Gather for Open Discussion on Open Market Opportunities

The debate was hosted at NEM’s Western Energy Policy Summit

As Maine Debates 145-mile Electric Line, Energy Giant With Billions at Stake is Absent

The high-voltage transmission line proposed for western Maine would bring electricity produced by Canada to Massachusetts

DCPSC Announces New Brand Identity and Website

Today, the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia (Commission) launched its new brand identity, incorporating a new logo, tagline and colors.

MA Department of Public Utilities Seeks Improvement of Retail Energy Market

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) has released a Notice of Investigation (NOI) into ways to improve the retail energy market.

Texas Regulators Approve Power Market Change Expected to Raise Costs

Texas regulators approved a proposal to change the way wholesale electricity markets work in Texas, a move expected to significantly boost revenues for power generators while increasing electricity prices for consumers and businesses.

Australia: New Regulations Expose Energy Price Gouging Through ‘Free’ Comparison Sites

A new regulation has highlighted the thousands of offers electricity retailers make to new customers, mostly through commercial comparison sites. These sites typically do not include the best possible offers, funnelling consumers into higher-cost plans in exchange for fees from energy companies.