Facebook Surprised With a $39m Utility Bill

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A powerful New Mexico regulatory authority is requiring the…

Diane Fellman of Calif. PUC Describes Statewide Energy Choice Creation Process, Targets

Big goals, diverse input, small steps underscore approach to energy deregulation

Switch Sues State Energy Regulators, Claiming Investigation Is ‘Retaliation’ for past Criticism

Data center giant Switch has filed a lawsuit against the Public Utilities…

Australian Power Producer Synergy Under Investigation for Alleged $100 Million Price Gouge

A regulatory body is investigating the company for price gouging industrial customers between March 2016 and July 2017

Feds Claim FirstEnergy is Abusing Bankruptcy System

Federal, Ohio and Pennsylvania EPA attorneys say proposed agreement not fair to consumers.

Energy Brokers Support Broker Regulation in Texas

Industry insiders say proposed broker rules will create “more sound marketplace”, benefit consumers through accountability.

PJM Report Identifies Issues That Led to GreenHat’s $100 Million Default

Naivety, overconfidence and market flaws allowed small trading shop to amass large portfolio without the collateral to support it.

DTE Energy Required to Give More than $27 Million Back to Ratepayers

DTE imposed a $125 million rate increase in 2017, ordered to pay back more than $27 million for overcharging its customers.

Regulators Step Up Scrutiny of Smart Meter Costs; Deployments at Risk

Consumer concerns take center stage in Smart Meter strategies