Costs of FirstEnergy Nuclear Bailout Bill Could Exceed Out-Of-Pocket Subsidies

An analysis by grid operator PJM considers losses if Ohio nuclear subsidies deter new generation.

New Florida Petition Law Won’t Stop Energy Choice Movement

Leader of Florida energy choice initiative says push for competitive energy markets will continue and that new law, “flagrantly violates” the First Amendment. The choice initiative has collected more than 307,000 validated signatures.

AARP Illinois Says Stricter Regs for Alternative Retail Suppliers a ‘Win for State’s Seniors’

AARP Illinois State Director publishes opinion piece lauding a bill that would place further regulations on the sales practices of alternative retail electric suppliers.
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Illinois HEAT Act Only as Good as Its Enforcement

Earth Etch’s founder and licensed regulatory energy attorney Madelon Kuchera says the bill wouldn’t be necessary if Illinois enforced existing regulations.

New Hampshire Governor Vetoes Bill to Expand Net Metering

Gov. Chris Sununu said net metering would “force our ratepayers to massively subsidize those who can afford to construct 40-acre solar farms.”

Robocall Review: Lawsuits and the TRACED Act’s Impact on Retail Energy

Three different lawsuits and a recent congressional bill are a reminder to the retail energy industry that consumers don’t want unwarranted robocalls.

Offshore Wind Energy Giant Pleased With Clean Energy Jobs Act

The Baltimore-based company responsible for developing one of the nation’s largest commercial offshore wind energy projects welcomes the Hogan Administration’s decision to allow Senate Bill 516

Maine Passes Laws to Increase Rate and Billing Transparency for Utilities

New regulations signed by Governor Janet Mills could potentially benefit customers dealing with utility-related billing issues.