Japan to Construct 20 GW of Coal-Fired Power Generation Capacity in the Next Decade

Japan imported more than 210 million short tons (MMst) of coal in…

Shell Energy Paying the Piper for Overcharging in Great Britain, CEO Apologizes

Customers and regulator Ofgem are to be paid a total of £390,000.
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Ofgem Fines Two British Suppliers for Violating Antitrust Laws

Ofgem conduct and enforcement boss says E Ltd. and Economy Energy worked with a software company to share customer information and “undermine competition” in Britain’s retail energy market.

Report: Energy Price Caps in the U.K. Drive up Highest Inflation Increase of the Year

Increased oil prices in 2018 led to higher gas wholesale prices, resulting in energy companies raising rates for electricity and pricing cap modifications.

Toyota to Begin Testing Blockchain-Based Electricity Trading

Aiming for the efficient usage of electricity, Toyota, UTokyo and TRENDE Inc., will test a system for trading electricity between individuals by utilizing distributed power supplies such as solar panels, secondary batteries, and electrified vehicles.