Utilities Bid to Purchase of Florida Municipal Utility

JEA estimates its current customer base at 478,000 for electric power, 357,000 for water service and 279,000 for sewer service.

NIST Seeks IoT Partners to Support Utility-Scale Distributed Energy Resources

In an October 8 Federal Register notice, The National Institute for Standards…

SMB Customers Want More Time-Varying Rate Plans; Residential Customers Open to Alternative Rate Structures

Earlier this week, the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) released a new…

New Research on Electricity Price Trends Shows Growing Cost Disparity Between Monopoly and Competitive States

New Data Updates and Supports Influential Research by the Late Dr. Phil O’Connor.

Completion of NY’s Largest Battery Storage Facility Draws Praise from FERC

Twenty-megawatt battery storage facility is the first and largest of its kind, facilitated by a New York incentive program intended to spur battery storage development.

NRG Announces Acquisition of Another Texas Retail Energy Provider

The purchase is the second such acquisition this year as NRG continues to expand its presence in the Texas retail energy market.

U.S. Department of Energy: The Future Is Digital & Distributed

Forthcoming report will examine current and future trends of the energy industry and smart grid development.

Distributed Energy Is Booming: Are Autonomous Grids the Solution?

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory believes that combining autonomous grids and distributed energy resources could be the key to the grid of the future.