Pricing Energy in Extreme Weather Conditions

Be strategic about how you account for severe weather as you formulate volume and pricing contracts

Are You Sure The Price Is Right? An Electricity Pricing Checklist

When you open your ESCO, you may have a series of goals and a plan to grow your portfolio to earn great profits. Whether you are looking at a variable portfolio that is heavy on residential or a long-term, fixed-price book, proper pricing becomes the key to achieving that success. No matter what strategy you choose to pursue, the key to it all is making sure you build your price properly. You can’t miss on any charges, because if you do, you could possibly end your whole endeavor before you even get started.

Protecting Your Profits: Are You Hedging or Just Purchasing?

When it comes to succeeding in the retail energy field, hedging is critical. The right hedging strategy can preserve the margins you work so hard to attain and help you manage inevitable weather and market variables.

Power Marketers: Don’t Lose Your Shirt Trying to Sell Retail Natural Gas

There are many reasons for consumers to want natural gas: It is a stable and reliable supply; it costs less, and it means customers do not have to deal with the delivery truck aspect. Also, the fact that natural gas only produces half the carbon dioxide of fossil fuels makes it an environmentally friendly choice. The lower cost of natural gas has become particularly appealing over the last decade, with prices dropping 60 percent since 2008 thanks to skyrocketing supply choices.