EIA 2019 Energy Outlook: What Does It Mean for the Consumer? (Part 1)

The report contains eye-opening prognostications for the energy market over the next 30 years

Electricity Intensity of U.S. Homes and Commercial Buildings Decreases in Coming Decades

Residential electricity sales increase 0.4% per year from 2018 to 2050

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Closing of Texas Power Plant Leaves Summer Power Prices Uncertain

The Gibbons Creek Generating Station in Central Texas will not operate this summer, as reported here by the Houston Chronicle. The plant’s closure represents a loss of 470 megawatts of power. The closure will severely impact the amount of reserve power available to handle demand surges during the hot summer months, leaving the state with just a 7.4 percent margin instead of ERCOT’s goal of 13.7 percent.