TEPA Remembers Retail Energy Pioneer Dr. Phil O’Connor

Competitive retail energy pioneer and giant in Illinois government honored for a life lived in service to the industry, his country and to others.

Florida Utilities Mirror NV Energy’s Strategy to Protect Their Monopoly

In the face of mounting voter support for deregulation, big utilities in Nevada and Florida turn to solar to protect their monopolies.

U.S. Retail Energy Suppliers Enjoying Success in Japanese Markets

Energy markets consultancy says American companies are profiting in Japan due to their experience in U.S. markets.

From a Chance Meeting to Leading Retail Energy Conference: The Story Behind EMC

EMC Co-founder Larry Leikin talks with Energy Pages about how the conference started and what makes it tick.

Florida Gets One Step Closer to Energy Choice

State economists reject investor-owned utilities’ arguments against a proposed statewide initiative that would allow consumers to choose their own electricity providers

Diversity in Energy: Integrating Minorities into the Energy Industry

NARUC summit sessions discuss education, inclusion, of minorities in industry opportunities.

Japanese Retail Energy Market Presents Opportunities for U.S. Suppliers

Upcoming webinar looks at the country’s vibrant market and advantages for U.S. businesses

MA Department of Public Utilities Seeks Improvement of Retail Energy Market

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) has released a Notice of Investigation (NOI) into ways to improve the retail energy market.

National Energy Marketers Association (NEM) Helping to Transform Retail Energy Industry in 2019-20

From fighting excessive cybersecurity regulations to opposing Government-mandated price controls in New York, to educating stakeholders in Nevada to providing recommendations to multiple Western states looking for more competitive energy and technology markets, the National Energy Marketers Association (NEM) will continue to be a driving force in the retail energy industry as it faces the multiple challenges expected in 2019-2020.

Arizona Commission Opens Study of Retail Electric Market Opening

On December 3, in one of the first substantive moves to address energy competition in Arizona, the Arizona Corporation Commission held a special open meeting. The purpose of the three-hour meeting was to discuss in detail the possibility and ramifications of opening Arizona up to competitive retail energy and/or natural gas.