The APPA Is Misguided in Their Flawed Assessment of Competitive Energy Markets

Data and energy markets experts present clear counter-arguments to the America Public Power Association’s claim that “deregulation has not achieved intended results”.

One of the Most Influential Figures in NY Energy Policy Gives Advice to Retail Suppliers

Kevin Parker, New York State Senator & Chairman of the NY Energy and Telecommunications Committee offers critical feedback to retail energy executives.

Shell May Be Planning to Launch Energy Companies in Deregulated U.S. Markets

Shell exec says company would offer retail gas and electric “tomorrow” if the systems were in place to deliver them.

Transparency, Experience Define Phil Golden’s Retail Energy Career

“I really enjoy being able to work with people who answer to today’s challenges in the industry”

Data Samurai Holly Paulus Provides Data-Driven Energy Industry Solutions

Data is the sword of the 21st century; those who wield it well are the Samurai.

Broker Commissions: It’s That Time of the Month Again

For many brokers and salespersons in the retail energy industry, monthly commission reporting comes with heartache and pain. How can something that seems so easy to produce and distribute, create major challenges for both retail energy suppliers and brokers, challenges which could potentially have negative economic impacts?

Is Cross-Selling Worth It for Retail Energy Suppliers?

Cross-selling, the practice of offering complementary products to customers, is a fairly popular marketing strategy with positive financial impacts for everyone involved. Comcast’s Triple Play, whereby customers get television, Internet, and phone service bundled, is an example.

Frack-Free Natural Gas: The Future of the Industry?

In November, natural gas producer Carbon Creek Energy, accomplished a groundbreaking achievement for the natural gas industry when they offered the first-ever Frack-Free Natural Gas Certificates to energy services company East Coast Power & Gas. Until now, a mechanism for authenticating and independently verifying the environmental quality of a product of this kind did not exist.

Energy Pages Spotlight: Brian Beebe

That is why Beebe, and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, have devoted themselves to offering risk transfer and diversified global insurance solutions for businesses facing potentially big losses from weather-related events.