The Energy Professionals Association Teams up with Energy Pages as Official Media Sponsor

New agreement will offer TEPA members valuable insights and a platform to share perspectives on developments in the retail energy industry.

Rise of Energy Choice Diminishes PG&E’s Silicon Valley Market Share

The choices offered by clean energy providers caused PG&E’s Silicon Valley market share to drop from 90% to less than 5% over the past three years.

Q&A with Leadership of Merged Energy Frameworks-Powermatrix

Newly-merged company’s leaders discuss their shared mission, opportunities and what’s ahead for suppliers and brokers over the next decade.

Direct Energy’s Jim Connolly: While Deregulation Has Been a Boon to the Industry, Challenges Remain

Keynote speaker Jim Connolly choreographs the energy industry’s past and present while urging a watchful eye on legislators and regulators to make sure they promote responsible, renewable agendas.

SVP NRG Stresses the Need to Build a Framework That Incentivizes Innovation

Senior Vice President, NRG Business Solutions Robert Gaudette illustrates his passion for ‘The Next Big Thing’.

Industry Leaders Talk Challenges and Solutions in Advancing Retail Choice

Important figures in the retail energy industry participated in a discussion titled “Politics in Competitive Energy – Collaborating to Align and Open New Markets”, at the 2019 DNV GL Energy Executive Forum

John Landry Calls for Collaboration to Push the Retail Energy Industry Forward

Landry’s opening remarks at the DNV GL Energy Executive Forum indicate how competition helps companies do the right thing and industry leaders must connect to reverse the slide of customers rolling back to default utility service.

Lyft Top Exec Talks Importance of Regulatory Cohesion in Energy at DNV GL Executive Forum Keynote

Anthony Foxx explains the opportunities retail energy executives have before them in the areas of alignment, anticipation and advocacy.

Top Corporations Join Renewables Alliance: What This Could Mean to Retail Power Markets

The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) to help more than 300 organizations achieve a zero-carbon emissions future.

Energy Utilities Decline in Customer Satisfaction

ACSI Study Asks Residential Customers to Rate Their Recent Experiences with Energy Providers