‘Smart Charging’ Needed to Help Manage Electric Vehicles’ Toll on Power Grid

Several utilities are testing new programs and technology to encourage drivers to fill up batteries during off-peak hours.

With New Study, Critics Push Back on PJM’s Proposed 10-Hour Storage Rule

Industry groups argue that even batteries that don’t meet the 10-hour threshold still provide the same reliability benefits as fossil fuel power plants.

Illinois Smart Meter Data Illustrates Demographic Divides in Electricity Use

A study from the Illinois Citizens Utility Board suggests that low-income customers may pay more than their fair share for electricity.

Smart Grid Transformation Hinges on Data Bandwidth — and Lots of It

As utilities deploy smart grid technology, more are also investing in telecom infrastructure to transmit data.

PJM Capacity Market an ‘Existential Crisis’ for Illinois Renewable Goals

Critics want a state energy agency to take over capacity procurement for the regional grid operator.