ISO New England Reveals Fears, Strengths at Public Meeting

Natural gas capacity should reach its limit during the winter season but short- and long-term plans for transmission development and renewable growth should buoy reliability.

California Public Utilities Commission Finalizing Grid Stability Proposal

A new plan from the California PUC calls for continued hydro generation and implements a 2,500-megawatt procurement required for load-serving entities.

Rocky Mountain Institute: Gas Doesn’t Make Long-Term Sense

Research group says rush to invest in natural gas as a bridge energy will end up costing more than clean energy portfolios.

174 Power Global Lines Announce 150 Megawatt Texas Solar Farm

New facility will boast 1,200 acres of photovoltaic equipment and buildings, and 560,000 solar panels.

U.K. Based Energy Retailer to Enter New York Retail Electricity Market

Company must clear several important hurdles before offering energy to New York consumers.

Maryland Residents Can Get $5,000 State Tax Credit for Home Battery Installations

Sizeable residential credit incentives push for distributed energy solutions as energy suppliers and developers look for ways to stabilize the grid during outages.

LA Inks Deal for Nation’s Largest Solar and Battery Energy Storage System

New facility will generate 400 megawatts of solar energy and could store up to 1,2000 megawatt-hours of energy.

Electric Vehicle Programs Becoming Popular in New England

Vermont and Maine are rolling out programs that encourage residents to buy electric vehicles, including the construction of charging stations.

Senators Introduce Bill That Would Bring $100 Million to Solar Permitting

Bill calls for a board that would oversee the streamlining of municipal-level permitting and certification protocols.

ERCOT Has Sufficient Capacity to Cover Fall, Winter Demand

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) declared it will have “sufficient…