Record Temperatures and Demand Push Texas Prices past $9,000/MWh

Searing temperatures swept across Texas this past weekend, sending wholesale electricity prices past $9,000 per megawatt-hour (mWh) as demand soared.

Michigan Solar Producers to Profit from Consumers Energy Settlement

The year-long battle stems from solar producers’ dissatisfaction with PURPA regulations mandating a cost-based pricing for public utilities.

Texas Power Suppliers Win with “Power Generation” Redefined

Municipal-owned utilities and electric cooperatives are breathing easier after the Texas legislature this week clarified how energy storage facilities affect the definition of “power generator”.

USDA Approves $181 Million in Funding for Rural Electricity Projects

Influx of money will upgrade existing infrastructure, including updating existing power lines, build new lines and invest in smart technology.

Research Firm Reveals 55 Instances of Inaccurate Capacity Data Sent to ERCOT

Data errors raise questions about how often mistakes occur and what the ramifications are for ratepayers, power generators and energy traders.

AutoGrid and Amazon to Collaborate on Global Energy Industry Digitalization

Collaboration between global energy flexibility management company and cloud services provider designed to allow energy companies to speed their push toward a decentralized, digitized grid.

SSE’s Sell off to Ovo Would Usher in ‘New Era’ for U.K. Energy Market

Talks of U.K. energy giant SSE selling off their energy services division — and 5.7 million customers– would be a major game-changer across the pond.

Study Says Renewables, EVs Are Gaining on Oil

New study from BNP Paribas concludes oil industry faces a serious threat from the rise of renewables and electric vehicles.

Global Apparel Retailer Signs Largest Green Deal with Enel

Gap Inc.’s 90 MW Contract with Enel Green Power is One of the World’s Largest Renewable Energy Agreements by a Clothing Company.

Broker Alert: Sept. 1 Deadline to Register with Texas PUC

Governor who signed bill June 15 says it gives Texas ratepayers a layer of protection from unregistered brokers.