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Texas: Change to Scale Will Let Free Market Drive New Power Generation

By Energy Pages Over the years, Texas’ deregulated electricity system has proven to be a state treasure, helping Texans enjoy some of the nation’s lowest wholesale rates and an established record of reliability. However, the state’s ongoing, extensive...
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What U.S. Energy Companies Can Learn From Europe's Energy Choice

By Energy Pages Over the past few years, the energy market has been abuzz with new and disruptive technology, renewable breakthroughs and other advancements that have changed how consumers engage with and purchase energy. However, redesigning large, complex...
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What's Next for British Power Suppliers After Collapse of Merger

By Energy Pages Three of Europe’s largest power suppliers will need to draw up new strategies after the collapse of a deal to merge the retail units of SSE Plc and Innogy SE operating in the U.K. Combining...



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Energy Pages Spotlight: Brian Beebe

By Frank Rosa “Retail energy has been a love of my life for the better part of 10 years” One of the most unpredictable influences on energy retailers’ success is the weather and the associated impact on energy...
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Continuing a Legacy: Rhett Shumway Combines Insatiable Drive and Strong Influences to Succeed in the Energy Industry

By Energy Pages   “Insatiable” might just be the perfect word to describe Rhett Shumway, CEO and a partner at retail energy supplier nTherm. Despite having been listed in the Denver Business Journal‘s Who’s Who of Energy for...
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One Client at a Time: How One Energy Executive Is Using Honesty and Integrity to Make a Difference

By Energy Pages Born and raised in Canada, Jeff Levin began his career in the energy industry by working in lighting for Siemens. In early 2000, however, he switched to the energy retail industry because he wanted to...