Solar, Wind Tax Credit Extensions Likely; New Solar Tariffs Favor U.S. Manufacturers

5-Year extension of tax credits for solar and wind expected to pass the House; Bifacial panels subject to a 25% tariff starting Oct. 28 despite sharp SEIA criticism.

Just Energy Sells UK Operations to Shell; Focusing on Optimizing North American Operations

North American Strategic Review Highly Contentious.

Utilities Bid to Purchase of Florida Municipal Utility

JEA estimates its current customer base at 478,000 for electric power, 357,000 for water service and 279,000 for sewer service.

DOE Research Labs, Georgia Tech Announce Innovative Artificial Intelligence Center

A new cross-research center was announced, funded with an initial $5.5 Million…

NIST Seeks IoT Partners to Support Utility-Scale Distributed Energy Resources

In an October 8 Federal Register notice, The National Institute for Standards…

New DOE Rules Back-Pedal Efficiency Lighting Requirements; Become Effective October 7

Bi-partisan rules to phase out incandescent bulbs by 2020 reversed by Trump Administration.

Bloom Energy Partnership with Samsung Heavy Industries

Bloom exploring cargo ship applications of fuel cells to improve its portfolio performance.

Constellation Acquiring Agera Energy Retail Assets

Agera Energy and its affiliates have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection…

Pennsylvania Committing to Carbon Tax, Regional GHG Reductions

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf held a press conference this morning to unveil…