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Established in 2005, The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA) is 501(c)(6) comprised of independent energy aggregators, brokers and consultants (ABCs), as well as energy suppliers, resellers and other energy related entities seeking the advancement of fair deregulated energy markets. TEPA is currently made up of more than 200 independent member companies and over 500 energy market professionals. We provide our members with a neutral forum where our industry can come together to network, share ideas and exchange knowledge in an effort to help improve our industry. TEPA is a self-regulating body aimed at standardizing processes and ensuring aggregators, brokers and consultants (A/B/C) maintain an acceptable level of market knowledge and responsibility while transacting in the marketplace. Members of the ABC indirect sales channel community provide a forum for developing common interests and upholding the integrity and maintaining the honor in the deregulated retail electricity market. Working with a TEPA member ensures consumers are working with a company dedicated to providing quality, ethical service. CEP members have demonstrated acumen with regard to energy structuring and purchasing that allows consumers to focus on their business. Every TEPA applicant undergoes a substantial application process, as well as commits to continuing education in the energy field.


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